Get more leads, increase your sales and improve your authority

You're probably reading this because

You're tired of wasting money

You're sick and tired of wasting money on copy that doesn't produce results. You're looking for someone who can help you sell your products or services.

You want to save time

You're a busy entrepreneur. You're always dealing with five things or more at the same time. You want someone who can handle your marketing efforts and take something off your plate.

Your results suck

You thought you had this marketing thing figured out. You wanted to save money by handling your company's marketing efforts by yourself, but your results suck.

Sounds familiar?

Don't worry. I got you.

I'm here to write copy that gets you more leads, increases your sales and improves your brand's authority.

AKA high ROI copy

Hi, I'm Victor.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs build profitable email lists, create actionable content and use marketing strategies to sell with ease.

And here's how I can help your online business grow.

Sales Copy

You invested a lot of time in creating a great product or service. Now it's time to sit back, open a bottle of wine and let me sell it. I find your ideal audience and apply pressure on their pain points until the sale becomes a no-brainer.

Web Copy

Your website is the salesperson of your brand. And like every salesperson, it needs to impress to seal the deal. I help you come up with a profitable content strategy, then I create copy that keeps your customers glued to their screens.

Social Media Ad Copy

You need to turn your visitors into buyers. But how can you reach them in the first place? I create intriguing social media ad copy that boosts your conversions and gets your target audience to click the "Like & Subscribe" button.

Why would you want to work with me?

You can relax. Finally.

You'll never wonder where your copy is. I don't do late. I always respect my deadlines and I deliver the good stuff without fail.

You get explosive content.

I believe that my content strategy + your product or service = EXPLOSIVE RESULTS. You get content that takes into account your entire business story but that's also tailored for your ideal customers.

You get timely results

I don't write copy that's going to produce noticeable effects two years from now. I write copy that convinces your audience to buy right now.

You get more regular clients

I turn visitors into leads, leads into customers, and existing customers into evangelists. I dig deep to find what motivates your target audience to buy and I tailor the content to their wants and needs.

You'll enjoy this

The copywriting process is a collaboration. You know your product or service best, so you'll explain its benefits to me. This dialogue often builds a rapport that lasts long after the project is done.

You can go on vacation

You can go ahead and enjoy yourself. I got this. I'll handle the entire sales process so you can focus on yourself and your free time.

A few things I've done for previous clients

Increased a client’s audience by more than 21,000 visitors without paid advertisment

Improved a client’s website conversions by 206.3%

Increased a client’s customer base by over 50%

Increased a client’s email subscriptions by over 300%

So... how is your story going to end?

Hire me

Don't hire me

  • Get on-brand actionable copy that speaks to your target audience
  • Watch your audience grow and your sales explode
  • Sit back, relax and focus on yourself
  • Lose valuable income from prospects who don't understand what your brand is all about
  • Get mediocre copy that doesn't convince your audience to engage with your website
  • Make your competitors happy

Sell more and improve your authority