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I help SaaS companies and digital marketing agencies build successful sales funnels from the ground up. I come up with winning strategies, write consumer-centric copy and conduct tests to attract and convert your ideal clients.  

Victor Bercea copywriting
Grow your brand with high-quality copy

"We have been working with Victor for about a year now and haven't had a single bad experience. He is extremely reliable, well organized, and always delivers high quality work."

Simon testimonial
Simon Moser
Owner & CEO - Polygrowth
Improve your sales funnel with actionable advice

"Victor did a full audit of my landing page and sent me a detailed list of suggested improvements. He answered all my questions in detail. After updating my landing page with only a few of his suggested improvements, I received my first organic sale the same day."
drew testimonial
Drew M.
Owner & CEO - Best of Angling

Grow your business with a marketing partner focused on results

Knock through your company’s growth objectives. I use data to develop and manage marketing campaigns that work. I create lead generation plans, nurture sales accelerations, and handle all your marketing activities. So you can close more clients.

Get proven marketing techniques

Attract qualified leads that are looking for your products or services. I’ve helped 60+ companies operating in over 20 industries find their ideal clients . And I can help you too.

Rely on customer-centric messaging to drive conversions

Engage your audience. I write copy that connects to your audience on an emotional level. I turn your leads into first-time buyers and life-long fans. So you can scale your business.

Power through your growth goals with data-driven marketing.

Work with a marketing partner who cares about your results

“Victor has been an exceptional resource for us and our agency. He has continually over-delivered on communication and quality content. Victor very much understands how to write copy that converts, and it's evident in the results we've generated as a result of using his copy."

Chris Castillo
Owner & CEO - Propel Digital Media Solutions
Take your funnel to the next level with in-depth copy

"Victor is a reliable and dynamic copywriter who has been producing content for us across multiple online properties ranging in subject matter. His work stands out as especially thorough and error-free, particularly in today's "set it and forget it" gig economy. His research is detailed, accurate, and in-depth. Victor is a pleasure to work with and we are lucky to have him on our writing team at Black and White Zebra."
Carmen testimonial
Carmen B.
Senior Copywriter - Black and White Zebra

I trained with some of the best in the biz. So my copy can help you attract website visitors, convert leads, and improve your marketing efforts:

Grow your business with data

Take your business to the next level with data-driven marketing. I rely on data to design marketing strategies. To create sales funnels. To write ads. Write landing pages. Write sales pages, emails, website copy, launch copy, and everything in between. So your messaging speaks to your target audience and captivates their interest.

Achieve sustainable growth with consumer-centric copy

Without my marketing skills

❌ Your marketing strategy lacks the vision to convert your prospects into paying customers.
❌ You make your competitors happy by leaving money on the table. 
❌ Your messaging is vague, doesn’t speak to your audience, and is not consistent with your company values. 

❌ Your business barely grows and you’re ashamed to mention your marketing ROI in conversation.

With my marketing skills

✔️ You get a data-driven marketing strategy that plans out your audience’s buying journey.
✔️ You outclass your competition and attract qualified leads.
✔️ You get consumer-centric messaging that makes your product’s benefits obvious without compromising on accuracy or value.

✔️ You power through your growth objectives and can’t wait to brag about your marketing ROI to peers.

Increase your marketing ROI with data-driven marketing

Stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work. Secure the marketing techniques and repeatable processes that helped tens of companies improve their conversions. Contact me today and get the messaging strategy you need to grow.