Social Media Ads Portfolio - Case Studies

Project - Boro

Client request: Boro is an app that is focused on helping college students build strong financial futures through financial education, resources, and services. 

We’d like new copy that references our 0% interest promo. Our promo is that there is 0% interest on loans if they are paid off within a month. Our company offers loans to students that are struggling financially. Feel free to use the terms that are mentioned on our website or similar messages that we use in our existing ads. Our goal is to get people to apply for a loan on our app.

Process: Boro wanted copy that was aimed at students and that would work great on Instagram. So I knew two things right off the bat: The copy had to be short and it had to address students directly. No hiding around the bush here. 


Project - GenoPalate

Client request: GenoPalate is a company that wants to help people lead healthier lives. We analyze our customers’ genome to identify their ideal intake of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Based on that analysis, we send our customers a list of the foods they should eat based on their nutritional needs.

We would like copy that uses a bullet list, with the bullet points being emojis.

Process: GenoPalate’s idea is unique and it makes them stand apart from the rest of the companies who recommend diets. I knew I had to include the idea in the copy. I wasn’t a huge fan of using emojis as bullet points at first, but I think the project turned out great. 


Project - Yelp

Customer request: We’re trying to get business owners to claim their Yelp page so that they can curate reviews, respond to questions, etc. We’re not encouraging people to use Yelp to see reviews; we’re trying to get business owners to “claim” their Yelp page. This is a bit like getting a verified Twitter account; you claim your Yelp page so that you can respond to questions or reviews about your business.

Process: Working with Yelp was initially a challenge because I had to tailor the copy to their brand voice and avoid using things they’d already tried. And they’d tried quite a lot of things by the time I came on board. The good thing about jumping headfirst into a project that tried out a lot of stuff is that you can use the existing data to improve the campaign’s performance.


The ads performed better than the control, so Yelp hired me to write more ads. We learned more about their prospects with each test, so we tweaked the copy to optimize the performance. This time we wanted to focus on the things entrepreneurs could save by claiming their pages – time and money. 


The previous batch performed well, but there’s always room for more. This time, we wanted to focus on how Yelp could help small businesses. So, how could you use Yelp’s tool to improve your business? 


The data was in and the stats showed that short copy slightly outperformed longer copy, so we decided to use short copy for these ads. 


Project - EyeBuyDirect

Client request: We are looking for copy for our new clearance sale promo. Avoid using the phrase “pairs” in copy, as that hasn’t performed well in our previous ads. We have to change the messaging included within this particular promo given the social distancing and work from home situation.

Process: EyeBuyDirect’s spring clearance was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The main challenge was to advertise glasses – especially sunglasses – when everyone was staying at home. Oh, and to talk about glasses without using the word “pairs”, because the word tested badly in previous ads. So you know, no big challenges here 😅.


Project - The Great Courses

Client request: We want social media ad copy to promote The Great Courses, an online platform that provides audio and video lecture courses on every subject. Our campaign’s goal is to convince people to sign up for a free trial.

Process: I was already a fan of TGC before they contacted me to write copy for their social media ads, so I was familiar with their product. Looking at their existing ads, I noticed that most of them used long copy. Too long for my taste, so I went with something shorter. I also wanted to hook people by using famous quotes because I thought that would work well with their target audience. It did.


Project - BedJet

Client request: We make a climate control product for your bed to stay both cool and warm. We would like copy that is product-specific, that specifically mentions what exactly the product is, and what the product does.

Process: What I found interesting about BedJet is that it could be used to cool down one side of the bed while keeping the other half warm. This made it perfect for couples who sometimes struggle to find the right temperature for both partners, so I used that in the copy.


BedJet hired me again to write their 2020 Father’s Day Sale ads.